Two charged with holding woman against her will

2 months ago WBRZ 0

Kimberly Landry

BATON ROUGE- A woman who says she was homeless believed she’d found shelter in a Sherwood Forest area home, but after a few days of living there, she found herself calling police for help, saying she was being held against her will. 

The victim says a man and woman, Kimberly Landry and Gregory Evans, insisted she engage in prostitution in exchange for living in the home. The victim was told she needed to, “catch a play, either you’re in or you out.” When she refused to do as they’d demanded, she was hit in the head with a glass coke bottle.
The victim also described seeing other women forced to perform sexual acts for money, which was then given to Evans.
On Monday, authorities searched the accused and the home where the victim had been held, discovering over $1,000 in small bills as well as a firearm.

Both Landry and Evans were arrested. While Landry’s charges included false imprisonment and aggravated battery, Evans was charged with false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon.