Residents, officials spend Monday serving community in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

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BATON ROUGE – Families are keeping the message of Dr. Martin Luther King alive by spending the day volunteering and capping off their good work with a celebration in Baton Rouge.

“It’s really just our faith and our love for others. We just want to give glory to God and give to anyone we can,” volunteer Jess Cook said.

Many people spent time in north Baton Rouge serving the community in honor of MLK day. Volunteers were giving back by picking up trash and listening to remarks from elected officials about Dr. King’s legacy.

“We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. That was his dream, that we would come together and recognize that in one another,” Governor John Bel Edwards said.

The governor was among those who came out Monday. His speech was about love and brotherhood. 

“It was Dr. Martin Luther King who said one of life’s most urgent questions is, ‘what are we doing for one another?'” he said.

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was known for his heart dedicated to service for others, and councilwoman Tara Wicker says she wants to carry on that legacy.

“So many young people here, and having them have the opportunity to understand not only where we’ve come from as a community, but there’s hope and life for the future,” Wicker said.

From the young to the old, volunteers say today isn’t a day off, but instead a day to serve the community.

“It’s really just about loving others in any way you can,” Cook says.

For some, the holiday is a reminder of hope for the future. 

“Everything’s been done before, we’re just trying to carry it on,” community member Ronald Dotson said.