New Orleans Pelicans win NBA Draft Lottery

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The New Orleans Pelicans started the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery with just a six percent chance to claim the top overall selection in the upcoming draft, but left with the top pick and a chance to select Zion Williamson the top prospect in the upcoming draft. 

The Pelicans last had the top overall pick in the NBA Draft back in 2012 and they selected Anthony Davis.

There had been speculation that whoever picked up the top selection in the June 30th draft could trade the pick to New Orleans for Anthony Davis. 

“I think it’s just another positive event for us in what we hope is going to be several we stack together,” David Griffin, the Pelicans new executive vice president of basketball operations, said moments after the No. 1 pick was revealed. “I think Mrs. Benson and her ownership group have invested in this very heavily. And my presence there and my desire to be there had everything to do with this community. So I’m really excited for our fanbase, and we’ve got a lot of work to do, but this is a good start.”

Most draft experts have Duke forward Zion Williamson as the top prospect for the draft, however his teammate RJ Barrett and Murray State’s Ja Morant are expected to be the next two players taken off the board. 

2019 NBA Draft Position Odds Heading Into the Draft

TEAM EXP. POS. NO. 1 (%) TOP 3 (%) TOP 5 (%) TOP 10 (%)

NYK       3.7          14.0        40.2         100             100

CLE        4.0         14.0        40.2          73.5           100

PHX       4.0         14.0         40.2         73.5           100

CHI        4.4         12.5        36.6          55.3           100

ATL        5.0         10.5        31.6          44.3           100

WAS      5.5           9.0         27.6          37.2           100

DAL*     7.1           6.0         19.0          26.2            98.8

MEM*    7.1           6.0         19.0          26.2            98.8

NOP       7.1           6.0         19.0         26.2            98.8

2019 NBA Draft Positions After the Lottery

1. New Orleans

2. Memphis

3. New York Knicks

4. Los Angeles Lakers

5. Cleveland

6. Phoenix

7. Chicago

8. Atlanta