New Orleans at Bill of Fare conference provides a culinary exchange for chefs from around the world

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Bill of Fare is a conference. It’s a dinner series. But most importantly, it is a culinary exchange.

The four-day event, Sept. 25-28, brings together leading chefs from New Orleans, Chicago, Paris, Puerto Rico and beyond. Each day, there will be conversation about food and culture. And afterward, there will be a meal, where New Orleans chefs will be paired with a visiting chef.

The visiting chefs, which include David Posey of Chicago’s Elske, Sota Atsumi of Paris’ Clown Bar and Jose Enrique from Puerto Rico, are not allowed to bring ingredients with them. They must buy everything they need in Louisiana.

“I’m doing the conference here because I want all of these chefs from all over the world to lend their sensibilities on the different ingredients of South Louisiana,” said Stephen Torres, the founder and organizer of Bill of Fare.

In 2013, Torres began the conference in Chicago, where it was then called The Roots of American Foodways. Last year, he moved it to New York, where the theme was Louisiana food. Participants in New York included Donald Link, Isaac Toups and David Kinch, the Michelin-stared chef in Northern California who was born in New Orleans.

All the panel talks and dinners will be held at the International House hotel, which is a sponsor of Bill of Fare.

Each day of Bill of Fare costs $125, which includes the panel and meal. For more information and tickets, see


MONDAY (Sept. 25)

6:30 p.m. — Talk
The rock band Young the Giant, Donald Link of Herbsaint and Brett Anderson of | The Times-Picayune in a discussion about the intersections of food and music

7:30 p.m. — Dinner
Svante Forstop of Achille (Paris)
Jose Enrique of Jose Enrique restaurant (Puerto Rico)
Mike Gulotta of Maypop and MoPho (New Orleans)
Adam Biderman of Company Burger (New Orleans)

TUESDAY (Sept. 26)

6:30 p.m. – Talk
Designer Ruthie Lindsey introduced by actress Sophia Bush

7:30 p.m. – Dinner
Steven Greene of The Umstead Hotel and Spa (Cary, N.C.)
Daniel Burns of Burns Gelato (New York)
Rafael Villalobos of Casa Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico)
Mason Hereford of Turkey and the Wolf (New Orleans)
Alex Harrell of Angeline (New Orleans)

WEDNESDAY (Sept. 27)

6:30 p.m. – Talk
Moderated by Chicago food reporter Steve Dolinsky; topic TBA

7:30 p.m. – Dinner
Sota Atsumi of Clown Bar (Paris)
Gerard Craft of the Niche Food Group (St. Louis)
Daniel Heinze (Los Angeles)
David Posey of Elske (Chicago)

THURSDAY (Sept. 28)

10 a.m. – Talk

12 p.m. – Lunch
Mark Dobbie of Som Saa (London)
Peter Orr (Paris)