Man allegedly harassed LSU students, tried to take officer’s taser

4 weeks ago WBRZ 0

Makhi Eames

BATON ROUGE – LSU police nabbed a man accused of stalking and harassing two students on Tuesday.

Two women called campus police when 21-year-old Makhi Eames  allegedly approached and chased them, yelling for them to “punch him.”

Eames reportedly stopped chasing the women around the Himes Hall area, but that wasn’t the only disturbance involving Eames that day. 

Authorities say he was also seen on campus disturbing students and staff while begging them for money. According to their report, LSU police asked Eames to leave and he refused. 

Seeing that Eames was non-compliant, a sergeant warned him to comply or else he’d be tased. Police say Eames unsuccessfully attempted to take the sergeant’s taser. 

Eames was tased and placed under arrest. 

His charges include resisting a peace officer, disturbing the peace, attempting to disarm an officer, and stalking.