LSU fans excited to be back in Death Valley for Homecoming

5 months ago WBRZ 0

BATON ROUGE – Die hard LSU fans were out early tailgating Saturday near Tiger Stadium for the Homecoming game against Mississippi State.

“It’s being alumni, being able to come back and see your friends,” said Scott Slaughter.

LSU Graduate, Scott Slaughter says, it doesn’t beat coming for Homecoming to turn up, tailgate and party.

“All the home games are big time according to us the fans, it doesn’t make a difference,” said Slaughter.

The Tigers aren’t the only ones enjoying homecoming, hundreds of Mississippi State fans are joining in on the Homecoming party. Their main concern is that the Bulldogs come out with a win.

“After what Mississippi State did last year, we are looking forward to seeing a repeat this year live in person,” said Scott Jelinek Bulldogs fan.