LSU? ‘Dey comin’: Ranking top College GameDay signs ahead of SEC championship

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The game may be in Georgia but LSU fans looked right at home Saturday morning. 

Standing just outside the barriers to the set of ESPN’s College Gameday, the Tigers faithful waved around signs, yelled along with LSU’s cheerleaders and even booed when the cast said Ohio State was more deserving to be No. 1 in the College Football Playoff poll. 

But Georgia’s fans had their say, too. 

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The 2019 SEC Championship won’t go down in the record books as a true LSU road game — but don’t be surprised by a sea of red. 

Scroll below for some of the best signs from the day, and some quick ratings for each (can’t see tweets below? Click here):

LSU and ‘-EAUXS’

RATING(S): 8/10

WHY? If you went to an LSU party and there wasn’t a heavy dose of the Cajun -eaux … you didn’t actually geaux to an LSU party. 


RATING: 10/10 

WHY? Because it’s original. It’s clever, and 7-year-old Brendan Boyle has no plans to pull any punches today. 


RATING: 8/10 

WHY? Because acronym work and classy butt jokes always play well. 

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RATING: 6/10 

WHY? This image is from one of the greatest gif(t)s to come out of an LSU game in some time … but the sign doesn’t really make sense. 


RATING(S): 7/10

WHY? Well, they are. 

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RATING: 6/10 

WHY? The Superdome shoutout is a winner — but this is another sign that doesn’t seem to make much sense. 


RATING: Winner

WHY: We’re not sure if this is a pro-LSU or pro-UGA sign … or if it’s pro anything. But it’s great, and someone should ask this dude if he needs a hug. Rumor has it she broke up with him by saying: “It’s not you-G-A, it’s L-S-me.” 

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