Letters: Maybe GOP’s priorities lie elsewhere

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In a recent opinion column, “Profiles in spineless in new GOP,” Eugene Robinson ridiculed politicians of President Donald Trump’s party as “lily-livered Republicans…who… still fear his wrath.”

He focused solely on Republicans’ refusal to condemn the current self-inflicted wound to Trump’s administration of attempting to exchange congressionally approved military funding for Ukraine for dirt on his likely rival in the next election.

Had he really wanted to show how spineless the Republicans are, Robinson might also have mentioned their refusal to condemn Trump’s tax “policy,” which has already increased U.S. debt by more than $1.4 trillion and is on track to increase it by $1 trillion a year going forward.

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Then there’s Trump’s unilateral act creating even more instability in the Middle East, as well as putting us at odds with important allies, by withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran, despite everyone knowing that Iran had been in compliance with it.

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Let’s see now, Trump’s “economic policy” has bankrupted numerous U.S. soybean farmers and forced global economic realignments that will preclude their recovery. He has further weakened the global economy with his multi-front trade wars with China, the E.U., Canada, and Mexico, and last, but certainly not least, cut and run from the battlefield in Syria, leaving our former, naïve allies to be slaughtered.

But wait. In order to consider the Republicans as being “spineless” for refusing to challenge the president on these issues, must we not first presume that they really care about the country’s well-being?

Maybe that’s where Robinson errs. Maybe the GOP’s priorities lie elsewhere.

Could it be that they’re simply concerned solely about keeping their jobs? If this is the case, then I would say they are downright courageous for accepting the destruction of all things good in order to please their constituencies. After all, that’s a lot of shame to take on one’s shoulders, for the noble cause of a paycheck.

Regarding the silence of our own Republican representatives in Washington, it’s well known that Louisiana is overwhelmingly pro-Trump. I’m wondering if, instead of calling them spineless, we should actually praise these Republicans for firmly standing up for, well, themselves.

Wayne Parker

technical writer

Baton Rouge