How to help Harvey victims

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Southeastern Texas has been pummeled with unprecedented flooding this weekend after the arrival of Hurricane Harvey, leaving thousands of residents stranded and in need of help.

Here are some ways that you can assist victims of the storm:

Louisiana Cajun Navy 

The Cajun Navy is in Texas actively helping in search and rescue efforts. To donate to their costs of fuel or their other expenses, click here. 

Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Dirty Coast 

Apparel brand Dirty Coast is selling shirts that will raise funds for the Houston Food Bank.

“Our neighbors in Texas took many of us in when our entire city was displaced in 2005. We want to extend a helping hand at their time in need. We all should. Over the next few decades the coasts along the Gulf won’t be the only places impacted by sea rise and dangerous storm surge,” a post from the company said. 

You can purchase a shirt here. 

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge 

The Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge is collecting supplies to be sent to Texas. 

Items can be purchased and taken to Broadmoor United Methodist or shipped to 10230 Mollylea Drive. 

Houston Police Department 

Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services

Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services is the disaster relief arm of the Protestantcharitable organization, and it is taking donations to help victims of Harvey.

Donors can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY to help.

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center

The local blood center placed Hurricane Harvey on the splash page of its website prior to it making landfall, and is still seeking donations to help those affected by the storm.

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA, a Catholic social service organization, is seeking donations to help those who have been affected by Harvey.

The group has set up a website devoted to Harvey relief, and explains that “long term recovery” is part of the group’s approach to disasters like this one.

“Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), the official domestic relief agency of the U.S. Catholic Church, needs your support to ensure the delivery of compassionate care and support to individuals affected by disasters. Our agencies provide essential support before, during and after disasters hit,” the statement says. “In fact, long-term recovery is an integral part of Catholic Charities’ holistic approach and we work tirelessly to ensure individuals can live their lives with the dignity we all deserve. This service is provided to the community regardless of religion, social or economic background.”

Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive! is an animal shelter and no-kill pet advocacy group seeking assistance to help with pets, following the onset of the storm, and has created a page on its website specific to Hurricane Harvey-related needs.

“Austin Pets Alive! has been helping shelters in the direct line of Hurricane Harvey. We’ve been working with these shelters to transport as many pets as possible to APA! and as of Saturday morning, we’ve transported over 235 animals to our shelter,” a statement on the website says. “Because of the incredible, humbling support we’ve received from the community thus far, we have been able to remove some items from our needs list completely.”