How did Ed Orgeron spend LSU’s open date? Speeding down the highway, blaring country music

2 months ago The Advocate 0

Last Thursday night, coach Ed Orgeron drove down the highway with his wife toward Lake Charles as fast as possible, blaring country music with the “moon roof” down.

LSU had finished its final practice before the open date, so Orgeron and his wife Kelly spent the rest of the weekend in Lake Charles.

“I kept my company truck at home,” Orgeron said during his Monday press conference. “I drove her car. Usually, I’m only allowed to drive it on Sundays to church.”

Orgeron said he ate dinner with his family Thursday night, and on Saturday, he watched his son Cody Orgeron play quarterback for McNeese State in a loss to Sam Houston State.

Orgeron and his wife returned to Baton Rouge on Sunday morning, and Orgeron began preparations for LSU’s upcoming game against Utah State inside Tiger Stadium.

“So,” Orgeron said, “I had a great weekend.”