Dash for gator meat begins days before LSU takes on Florida

2 weeks ago WBRZ 0

BATON ROUGE – There are still two more days until the LSU Tigers take on the Florida Gators in Tiger Stadium, and there’s already a run for gator meat.

“It seems like every other person that walks in the door is getting alligator,” said William Durand, a chef at Chris’s Specialty Foods.

Both at Chris’s Specialty Foods and Tony’s Seafood in Baton Rouge the customers are gravitating to not just a pound or two of meat, but a whole alligator.

“They want a showpiece,” said Durand.

To prepare, the manager at Tony’s Seafood says they had order extra alligator.

“Normally with alligator we do about 100 pounds a week. Right now we’re expected to do about 1,500 this week,” said Darren Pizzolato.

Many of the fans looking to do their part in the match-up are planning on smoking the meat.

“The team is going to smoke [the Gators] too,” laughed Anthony Berthelot.

The message cooked alligator sends to Florida fans is why many are scrambling to make the purchases.

“I think it’s fun, I think it brings people together,” said Garrett Oliver. “Even Monday morning at work we’re going to say we cooked the whole ‘gator. It’s fun to do stuff like that.”