Bond set at $950k for juvenile accused of instigating New Orleans crime spree

2 weeks ago WBRZ 0

Photo: WWL-TV

NEW ORLEANS – A 14-year-old repeat offender accused of instigating a crime spree has been given a bail amount usually reserved for adults facing murder charges.

The bond was set Tuesday by a New Orleans judge after a long court hearing. Police detectives pieced together evidence in a 24-hour crime spree that included four carjackings—the stolen vehicles were used in multiple burglaries and beatings, WWL reports.

A 14-year-old was ordered detained on a $950,000 bond, while one of his two 16-year-old co-defendants has a bond of $470,000.

City crime cameras and license plate readers were reportedly used to catch the suspects. Once arrested, the three juveniles were booked on 16 crimes.

Since 2018, the 14-year-old has been connected to 28 crimes.