4-phase proposal creates ‘mega subdivision’

3 years ago WAFB 0

Baton Rouge is growing and there may be another big subdivision popping up soon.

It’s a 275-acre piece of land along River Road that would be called the Atwater. It’s about a mile-and-a-half from L’auberge Casino near the U-Club.

The plan, over four phases, is to build up to 800 homes ranging in size from 1,700 square feet up to 4,000.

The subdivision would stretch from River Road to Nicholson Drive and really continue some of the big growth that part of Baton Rouge is seeing right now.

“It would be good for development of the area, overall,” said Stephanie Riegel with the Baton Rouge Business Report. “Retail always follows rooftops. After the residential, you’ll see grocery stores, restaurants and so on.”

But will the idea pass the infrastructure test? That is one of the big questions as the Baton Rouge Planning Commission gets ready to take a look at the proposal next month.

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